Pipedrive Consulting Services : Audit, Implementation and Optimization

Pipedrive Expert Partner

Pipedrive is a Customer Relationship Management software, available online as a service (i.e. no app download required). CRM software is used to help organize and streamline your sales activity in order to generate better results. And Pipedrive does this extremely well!

I have used Pipedrive in the past as a business owner (with up to 600,000 prospects managed from it!) and now share my experience and expertise through the Pipedrive Expert Partner program.

I have been a Pipedrive Expert Partner for the past three years, and in this capacity have helped clients accross Europe and beyond. From small accounts with only one user, up to integrating multi-region sales teams with 100 users or more, I've been able to build a solid experience.

I can help in multiple ways!

  • Auditing your existing CRM configuration, whether it be on Pipedrive or not
  • Help you define your requirements and then set up Pipedrive for you
  • Optimize your existing Pipedrive account or adapt it to meet new needs
  • Integrate Pipedrive with other marketing tools : your website, marketing automation platform, customer support platform etc.
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Audit existing CRM

Whether it be on Pipedrive or not, I can: 1. help you gain precious insights into your current CRM setup, 2. provide you with quick wins in order to improve sales performance and 3. assist you with the definition of long term CRM strategic vision.

Implement Pipedrive

Starting a new CRM project? Chances are Pipedrive is an excellent CRM option for your requirements! The software is flexible and versatile, offering the features you need to kick off your first CRM endeavour or boost your existing set up.

Optimize Pipedrive

Do you feel you are not getting the most out of Pipedrive? Or you have a specific business case in mind you're not sure how to implement in Pipedrive? I can probably help! My 9 years experience using Pipedrive mean there is little I don't know about it!